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R&D and production

R&D and production


Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on independent R&D and production. In 2018, the company's R&D investment was 8.5 million yuan, accounting for 4.25% of sales revenue.

Existing research and development basic conditions (research and development sites, pilot bases, equipment and equipment, talent teams, etc.);

Standard sewing machine Yuping Machinery Co., Ltd. implements ISO9001 quality management system and enterprise internal control management system in every aspect of the company, continuously checks, analyzes and summarizes, continuously improves and perfects, and has a high internal management level. The company has considerable scientific and technological research and development strength, and has a research and development building, a trial production center and a pilot center. It is equipped with 50 sets of machining centers (CNC), 4 advanced coating lines, 10 assembly lines and various testing equipments. Implementation and completion of the planned project.



Since its establishment, the company has established internal research and development institutions, and has formulated and formulated relevant research conditions:

1. The company has a certified enterprise technology center in Jiangsu Province, and has a research and development room dedicated to R&D and development within the company, and has the corresponding facilities and equipment, and has complete infrastructure equipment for transforming scientific and technological achievements;

2. The company issues a design plan task book for each R&D project, and controls and evaluates the project according to the project management system and the project R&D process;

3. Established a research and development input accounting system, and promulgated the "R & D project accounting management measures" and "project funding management system";

4. Adhere to the road of cooperation between industry, academia and research, and realize technological upgrading through various means such as independent innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation;

5. Establish an implementation and reward system for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and establish an open platform for innovation and entrepreneurship;

6. Established training and training for scientific and technical personnel, functional training, introduction of outstanding talents, and performance evaluation reward system



In 2017, the average monthly number of employees was 457, including 71 R&D personnel, accounting for 15.54% of the total number of employees. There are 457 staff members, including 1 master's degree, 19 undergraduates, 437 junior colleges and below; 6 senior titles, 16 intermediate titles, 79 junior titles, and 145 senior technicians. Many of the company's research and development personnel have undertaken technical projects above the city level and have strong development capabilities. The company not only cooperates with Xi'an University of Technology, but also has signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement with Suzhou University.



Cheng Weiping, the chief engineer of the project, graduated from the Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Department of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Northwest Light Industry College in 1993. He graduated from Xi'an Communication and Character Management College in 2009, majoring in project management, master of engineering, and obtained the title of outstanding graduate student. From 1997 to 1998, he studied the sewing machine design at Japan Brothers Co., Ltd., and won the title of Japanese sewing machine technician during the period. He also won the bronze medal at the Japanese Brothers Corporation Olympic Technology Competition. From May to August 2004, I learned the automatic bag opener technology at ASS in Germany and made this technology the first domestically produced in China. He has published many papers in the national first-level publication "Chinese and Foreign Sewing Equipment", and he has participated in the compilation of many industry standards. Currently, he is the deputy general manager of the company.

Yu Suxia graduated from East China University of Technology in 1995 with a major in mechatronics. After graduation, she worked in the standard sewing machine, Luping Machinery Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in mechanical design and manufacturing. She drafted 2 industry standards and participated in drafting 3 industry standards. It has four utility model patents (authorization) and two appearance patents (authorization). In 2011, he won the Sanjiang Red Flag Bearer in Wujiang City, the technical expert in Wujiang City, and the “May 1st” Labor Medal in Suzhou.

Gao Ying graduated from Taiyuan Heavy Machinery College in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in forging technology and equipment. Prior to 1993, he was engaged in the development and management of new products at the High Pressure Container Factory in Zigong City, Sichuan Province. In 1993, as a talent introduction, the company was responsible for the design and development of industrial sewing machines, and it has two utility model patents (authorization). In 1999 and 2006, he was twice named as the flag bearer of Wujiang City, and served as the representative of the People's Congress of Zhangping Town.

Li Yongquan graduated from Changzhou Radio Industry School in 1998. He graduated from Suzhou Workers University in 2004 with a major in computer information management. From May 1999 to March 2000, he studied sewing machine assembly at Japan Brothers Co., Ltd. for one year. It has two utility model patents (authorization) and two appearance patents (authorization).




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